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The costs of an aircraft AOG (Aircraft On Ground) time are enormous (parts, crew, crew accommodation, loss of revenue, temporarily aircraft replacement, etc.). For every minute a plane is on the ground, it loses money! Any delay in the delivery of parts raise the costs further. Often the most time is lost by cross-boarder payments for the ordered parts. Cross boarder payments can take up to days in some cases, and any failure in the transaction process can even increase the delay further.

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Our service can be used for any purpose that requires a Cross Boarder payment safely, fast and secure. E.g.: having an aircraft AOG, we demonstrated considerable savings financially along with days gained in delivering sizable cross boarder payments.

As the business world continues to evolve so do the methods in how we communicate and conduct our International Financial Payments.

In today’s challenging environment which all industries are experiencing, overseas payment methods have become critical to financial success, which must be made quickly and efficiently, avoiding mistakes and saving time without the consequential costs, disruption and absent resources.

Send money Anywhere, Fast! Make secure payment worldwide within 24 hours

Using our award-winning “Live On-Line Platform” a strong, research led process underpins and complements the deep experience of our consultants and our extensive international Aviation network of contacts to minimise risk and provide for the successful delivery of any Overseas Foreign Currency Transaction. Our success comes from the implementation of a number of key strategies that assist us in this process. It’s these methods and knowledge that allows us to engage with our clients and help us ensure that we are providing a Transparent, Secure and Fast Platform, therefore delivering both confidence and results.

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Safety and Security assured as AviationForex is FCA authorized as a payment and institution and are HMRC regulated in the United Kingdom

Once your account is open you will be able to control and store online your Beneficiary’s Bank Account and have the details stored for future use

We will email you instantly confirming once the transaction has taken place on each and every payment you make

We can also email the recipient proof of transfer as soon as the funds are sent if you ask us to and would like them to be notified, allowing for goods and services to be Shipped and completed.

In some cases, the recipient may well be an AviationForex client therefore expediting the release of goods or services immediately.

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