Christian Clauwers

From the North Pole to the jungle, from the desert dunes to the Himalaya’s, from the top of a volcano to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine… No place on earth is ever too far away.

Jetscanner is pleased to follow Photographer, Global traveler, and Explorer Christian Clauwers on his adventures to the most remote areas of our planet.

His journeys as an adventurer and explorer have taken him to the polar extremes of our planet: from 78° North to 78° South. He circled the globe twice and explored over 113 countries across all 7 continents. Driven by passion, attracted and inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences, the world is out there.

Christian witnessed civil unrest, poverty, creation and destruction of life, warzones and confrontation. He has also experienced surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit.

At young age, he discovered the joy of photography through an old Zeiss Ikon camera from his father. For several years, he experimented and developed an increasing passion for photography, for image and light, through a personal observation of the world. With his camera in my hand, he combined his thirst for adventure with love for photography to capture unique personal experiences.

After studying Political Science at the University of Antwerp, Belgium andGlobal Management at the Antwerp Management School, he worked as a Communication Manager at the Flemish Parliament, after which he fully and passionately plunged into nature, art, music, traveling and photography.

Driven by the challenges of climate change, plastic pollution, declining biodiversity and the disruption of vulnerable ecosystems on remote islands through human intervention, Christian is looking for traces of the impact that the human species has left on nature. Projects such as entering the Global Seed Vaulton Svalbard, the semi-circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent, as well as the odyssey through the South Atlantic Ocean, are expeditions where he investigates the relationship and conflict between man and nature from a number of different perspectives.

As a fine art photographer he hopes he can share, inspire and encourage others through his stories and photos.

His breathtaking photos are in great demand, and appreciated by many for several reasons. These exclusive pieces of art are only available in limited editions.

The right presentation of art can heighten the experience, enjoyment and relaxation. Bring the great outdoors inside with jaw-dropping artworks to create a calm and positive atmosphere. Christian photos can be found in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics…

The beautiful photo’s can be ordered through, and available in different sizes on Aluminium or Acrylic Glass.

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Photo’s are copyright by Christian Clauwers