A pilot's secret to flying around the world as cheaply as possible.

As a pilot with years of experience in the industry, I have witnessed firsthand the excitement and joy that comes with exploring the world and new destinations. I understand the importance of finding affordable flight tickets to make travel dreams. I’ve frequently been asked how to find extremely cheap flight tickets to fly around the world at the lowest prices possible. Despite the increasing cost of airfares, there are still several tricks you can apply to find cheap flights. 

Unveiling the Secrets

When is the Best Time to Book a Flight?

Finding the perfect timing for booking your flight can be tricky. However, booking around 2-3 months in advance often yields the best deals. Flexibility with your travel dates can also open up windows of opportunity.

How Can I Save Money When Flying on Commercial Flights?

Maximize your savings by flying during off-peak hours, considering budget airlines, and packing strategically to avoid extra baggage fees. Embrace the art of frugal flying!

How Can I Stay Updated on the Best Flight Ticket Deals?

Stay ahead of the game by signing up for fare alerts, following airlines on social media, and subscribing to newsletters. Being in the know is your ticket to unbeatable deals.

What are the Benefits of Searching for Flight Tickets on Jetscanner.net?

Jetscanner.net (flight crew favorite) is a game-changer, offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive search options. Enjoy the perks of its extensive network, great deals, real-time updates, a seamless booking experience, and a transparent booking process. 


1. Save Miles and Even Fly for Free:

Leverage your frequent flyer miles or consider signing up for rewards programs. You might just find yourself jetting off to your dream destination without spending a dime.

2. Be Surprised by the Destination:

Explore the thrill of spontaneous travel by opting for destination surprises. Let the deals guide your adventure, opening up new horizons you might not have considered.

3. Be as Flexible as Possible:

Flexibility is your secret weapon. Play around with your travel dates, departure times, and even nearby airports to unlock hidden treasures of affordability.

4. Avoid the Outbound Flight on Friday Evening and Saturday Morning:

Steer clear of peak travel times to snag lower prices. Mondays and Wednesdays often offer more budget-friendly options.

5. Book Error Fares:

Keep an eye out for glitches in airline systems that result in unbelievably low fares. It’s a rare find, but when it happens, it’s a golden opportunity.

6. Only Fly with Hand Luggage:

Save both time and money by traveling light. Say goodbye to baggage fees and hello to a hassle-free travel experience.

7. Don’t Focus on One Airline:

Explore the possibilities by checking multiple airlines. Sometimes, the best deals are hidden away from the spotlight.

8. Search Jetscanner:

Unlock a treasure trove of flight deals on Jetscanner.net. Its advanced search capabilities ensure you find the best prices for your desired itinerary.

9. Choose a Transfer and Extend it if Necessary:

Consider flights with layovers, as they tend to be more affordable. Plus, you might discover a new city during your extended transfer!

10. Also View Alternative Airports:

Expand your horizons by exploring alternative airports near your destination. Sometimes, a slight detour can lead to substantial savings.

11. Check Whether Two One-way Tickets are Cheaper:

Thinking outside the box can pay off. Sometimes booking two separate one-way tickets is more economical than a round trip.

Jetscanner cheap flights

In a world where wanderlust knows no bounds, finding affordable flight tickets becomes a skill worth mastering. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice adventurer, the pursuit of cost-effective airfare is a universal quest. Fear not, with Jetscanner you will unlocking the realm of cheap flight tickets.

Armed with these tips, embark on your journey to find affordable flight tickets. Unleash the explorer within and let your adventures take flight without burning a hole in your pocket.

Happy travels!

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