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On-demand private jet charter, Transparent quotes, and Personalised aviation service with access to a wide range of private aircraft with guaranteed worldwide availability and a global network of trusted partners.

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Flexibility, Privacy and simply more Freedom

Flying privately saves time and gives you complete flexibility, and even can be a cost-effective solution. Rather than endless queuing and feeling stressed, you now turnup 15 minutes before your departure time and wait in a private lounge. The cost of private jet charter depends on your destination, the number of passengers, and the type of aircraft you prefer.

Multiple Stops

The ability to make multiple stops is another benefit of private charter. Busy executives can reach 3 or 4 cities in just one day, and in most cases, arrive back home by dinnertime.

Personalised Aviation

Choose among the most luxurious private jets available on the market, from light jet aircraft to ultra long range up to the VIP airliners. When it comes to luxury, we have you covered while being sensitive to your budget. Full-size passenger planes that have been converted into private ‘hotels in the sky’ with bedroom suites, walk-in showers and spacious cabin zones, offering a suite-style experience at 36,000 feet

Hard-to-Reach Destinations

Private airplanes also allow access to hard-to-reach destinations. Commercial airlines are limited to their network while private planes have access to the world.


Travel on your own terms. Our worldwide network can easily find the perfect charter for you, and offering bespoke catering and entertainment. Using conveniently better located smaller airports with shorter transfer times, closer to your home or destination, and no lengthy security checks.


Flying private allows you to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own aircraft cabin with only your invited guests. Departure from your own departure lounge at aprivate terminal, and avoid crowds and cameras. All information about passengers, schedules, and destinations are kept strictly confidential.

Explore Horizons

Uncover a world of possibilities and experience the freedom of flying to over 10,000 destinations worldwide. Whether it’s a well-known city or a remote location, our expansive network covers more than 10,000 global destinations, including thousands airports that commercial airlines cannot access.

Private Jet Deals

Popular Private Jet Routes

London -> Nice

estimated one-way price
8.700 from
  • Light jet
  • Seats 4 - 7
  • Flight time 01:45h

Paris -> London

estimated one-way price
5.500 from
  • Light jet
  • Seats 4 - 7
  • Flight time 00:45h

Milan -> London

estimated one-way price
9.300 from
  • Light jet
  • Seats 4 - 7
  • Flight time 01:45h

London -> Ibiza

estimated one-way price
11.200 from
  • Light jet
  • Seats 4 - 7
  • Flight time 02:20h

Our global portfolio features 10,000+ aircraft

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Charter

Why would I choose to book your private jet through Jetscanner?

You are looked after by a dedicated team, not a call centre. So when you contact us to arrange a flight you’ll usually speak to the same person – a Flight Manager who already knows your needs and preferences.

We are Responsive - Personalised service from our dedicated team who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

We are Transparent - We offer competitive prices with no hidden costs and a dedicated flight manager.

We are Global - Access to a wide range of aircraft with guaranteed worldwide availability and trusted partners.

We are Experts - We have a strong team of air charter professionals with over 30 years’ experience and knowledge.

We’ll make sure your every wish is catered for, and we’ll use our experience and contacts to get you the best possible deal.

What is an on-demand charter flight?

On-demand charter flights are aircraft that you charter for a flight at the time you decide and on the itinerary you choose. You control every detail, and select your aircraft according to your needs, flying profile and budget. Once the booking is confirmed and paid for, the aircraft is guaranteed for you and your guests to fly as requested. Jetscanner offers very competitive prices for these flights, as we negotiate preferential rates with operators based on longterm cooperations with many partners worldwide.

What are the advantages of Jetscanner’s on-demand charter flights?

Jetscanner’s team provide a personalised aviation services, negotiates and confirms the flight for you in advance. With on-demand charter flights, you have more control. You can choose the aircraft most suited to your needs, flying profiel and budget according to factors like distance travelled, airport, nationality of the aircraft and more. For multi-city itineraries or if you are flying and returning on the same day (or one or two days later), it is also more economical to book an on-demand charter, which we can guarantee and organise according to your timing restrictions.

How can I get my flight confirmation?

Our team is delighted to provide you with a comprehensive quotation of flight proposals meeting your needs, flying profile and budget. Once you've made your selection among the options, kindly communicate your preferred option. Subsequently, your dedicated flight manager will expedite the issuance of a booking confirmation, tailored to the designated recipient of your choice. Upon receiving the confirmation, your signature will be essential, signaling the conclusive step in the process. This, in conjunction with the proforma invoice for prepayment, will culminate in the confirmation of your reservation.

What is included in a private jet charter?

We quote a single “all-in” price, which is made up of the hourly rate for the aircraft and crew, fuel, insurance, airport fees, a selection of beverages and snacks, and is inclusive of any fees and taxes. If there happens to be other costs for your particular flight that need to be taken into account, we will let you know in advance.

What is a Jetscanner’s Private Jet Deal?

Private jet deal, also called a ferry flight or an empty flight, is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home "empty", or when it flies "empty" to pick up passengers at another airport.

Why are Jetscanner’s Private jet deals so affordable?

If you’re flexible about dates and times, or ready to take a last minute deal, we can offer this private jet flight at a lower cost.  Private jet deals are empty flights (empty legs) are so affordable because the initial client has already paid for the repositioning of the aircraft when booking their trip, so the fixed cost of the flight is covered. Therefore the operator can allow other passengers to fly on this aircraft at bargain prices. Jet charter companies offer these ’empty legs’ at up to 50% less than the standard rate.

What are the restrictions of flying on private jet deals?

When you charter a Private Jet Deal flight you are chartering the whole aircraft so whether there is 1 person travelling or 6 people travelling the price is the cost for the whole aircraft and not per seat/passenger. private jet deals are also subject to the principle charter going ahead. The main restriction with private jet deals is availability. These flights are not immediately available when and where they may be needed. Luck determines whether an aircraft will be available for your desired itinerary at your preferred travel time. However, our team monitor all private jet deals on the market and will do everything to accommodate your request. Another restriction is choice of aircraft. Aircraft are chosen by the original passenger. So if an empty aircraft meets your needs in terms of size, age and passenger capacity. Consequently, the more flexible you are in terms of timing or destination, the more chances you have of finding a bargain.

Can I bring my pet on a private jet?

If you're flying on a private jet, there are less restrictions on what you can and cannot bring on board. For example, there less restrictions on flying with animals—instead of having to fly your beloved dog in the cargo area, she can stay in the cabin of a private aircraft with you.

Flying with pets on private jets can be a luxurious and stress-free experience for both you and your furry friend. We will support you with every aspect of your pet’s travel. At the time of booking, our travel experts will assist you in checking extra requirements and required documents for your destination, including details of vaccinations, microchips, certificates, passports and permits.

Can I change the number of passengers at short notice?

We provide the flexibility to adjust the passenger count, even on short notice. However, it's essential to assess whether the desired aircraft can accommodate the revised passenger count and evaluate its potential impact on the aircraft's performance factors, including flight duration and the ability to reach a specific airport. If the chosen aircraft cannot efficiently accommodate the new passenger count, we will need to explore the availability of an alternative aircraft (please note that this might incur cancellation fees).

Can I sleep onboard?

Many private jets are equipped with seats that can fully recline, and some even provide the luxury of sleeping accommodations with exceptionally comfortable beds. These features ensure that passengers arrive at their destination feeling relaxed and refreshed. You can easily request these amenities by informing your flight manager during the booking process. Our team will be delighted to arrange the optimal choices that cater to your specific requirements.

Is it worth it to charter a private jet?

Chartering a private jet offers a high level of luxury, safety, privacy and saves a lot of time. Passengers in these planes can schedule their own flights, giving them the power to decide when the aircraft departs. Private charters also don't deal with flight modifications and layovers, unlike commercial planes.

The ability to make multiple stops and land close to your destination is another benefit of private charter. Busy executives can reach 3 or 4 cities in just one day, and in most cases, arrive back home by dinnertime. Especially if you travel with your team, you not only save a lot of time, but also on other costs like accommodation and your employees can be productive at the office the next day.

What is a slot?

An airport slot gives an aircraft the right to operate at an airport at particular times. Slots – officially known as PRP procedures (Prior Permission Required) – are the specific time windows that an aircraft is given to land or depart from a high-density airport airport. These are arranged in advance of the flight date and aircraft must keep to their pre-booked slots, or risk being unable to use the runway again for some time again. One of the many advantages of a private jet is that you can use smaller, often less crowded airport that are not effected by slots. Your Flight Manager will advise you at the time of booking for a specific route.

Do private jets go through customs?

Yes, the private flights go through customs. The aircraft is treated like any other vehicle entering a country.

Do my bags get checked on a private jet?

Almost always. As with a commercial flight, your luggage is usually scanned before you board. Though unlike a commercial flight, there are typically no queues, so this process happens quickly and seamlessly.

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